About Timekeeper Boutique

You deserve the best luxury watch that suits your lifestyle irrespective of your budget, location or schedule.
We provide you with unique and luxury watches you would love today, tomorrow and always.



Whether you are on the lookout for a classy, sophisticated or simple watch from one of the leading brand, we have the perfect choice for you.

At TIME KEEPER BOUTIQUE we sell watches, trade, buy and offer repair and maintenance services for all timepieces. We sell the luxury watch at irresistible prices that you can’t get elsewhere. We are a young, dynamic team with over 30 years of experience between us in the industry.

Providing customer satisfaction to every single one of our customers is our topmost priority. From Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Hublot, IWC, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre Panerai, TIME KEEPER BOUTIQUE has them all.


We are fresh; we are passionate, we are relatable and that we are specialists in our field (Luxury Time Pieces – the world of horology). We are eager to help and welcome any watch enthusiast, collectors, and newcomers to reach out to us, visit us, and hang out with us. TIME KEEPER BOUTIQUE is a customer service focused boutique set up with you in mind to offer great value for money. Based in Australia but our services cut across geographical boundaries as we aim to bring the quality watch to you. We are Sydney’s leading 2nd Swiss Luxury watch retailer, and we currently have one boutique in Australia, and we have an office overseas. TIME KEEPER BOUTIQUE is definitely the one-stop store for all things quality watch.



TIME KEEPER BOUTIQUE stocks up on exclusive luxury watch you won’t find anywhere else. Our vast collection of watches is unique and personal thereby ensuring that you stand out appealingly whenever you wear your watch. We specialize in the best Brands in the world – primarily Rolex, Patek Philippe, AudemarsPiguet, Richard Mille, Hublot, IWC, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre Panerai, etc It’s no news that your dressing is not complete without your wristwatch as it accentuates your stylish outfit. This is why we go out of our way to provide you with nothing but the best.

Feel free to call us your foremost watch retailer.